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INVESTING 3/10/2015 @ 10:07AM 3,878 views Investors Getting Ready For Argentina’s Real Estate Resurrection Comment Now Follow Comments David Sutton isn’t going to wait for Cristina Kirchner to leave her pretty pink mansion in Buenos Aires. Despite an economic downturn, the Alvear Group’s CEO has been busy building up the new Puerto Madero section of the capital city more than any other developer. Sutton’s company – heavily invested in real estate and tourism — has been limping along thanks to president Kirchner’s restrictive dollar policies, but moving forward nonetheless. They bought a $40 million piece of land inside the new port district in 2010. Then the dollar market shut down. And then …

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Why Argentina?

Invest In Argentina Making an Investment in Argentina If you’re looking to invest in Argentina, then you might consider making a real estateinvestment in Argentina, such as buying a fixer-upper property. These aren’t as much of a bargain on a per-square-foot basis, but they are less expensive in gross dollar terms and often don’t take much work or capital to put into rentable condition. It is important to note that these days in Buenos Aires even the smaller apartments in good neighborhoods are doing well as short-term rentals. Tourism has become a very big business in Buenos Aires…for all the reasons we’ve told you about…and smaller apartments (one and two …

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